neděle 10. září 2017

Partnership Erasmus+ Project






Project "Portraits of Opole, Portraits of Dijon,  Portraits of Prague"  2016-2018

partnership schools from Czech Republic, France and Poland


Partnership meeting in Opole, Poland

Textile  workshops: creating drawings of Opole city and printing them on t-shirts

Design  workshops: designing and creating café furniture

Photo workshops:   creating the letters of Opole and taking photos with them in the city

 Drawing in Opole,  taking photos of the city 

 Final exposition


Partnership meeting in Dijon, France


Photo workshops:  taking photos of Dijon and narrating the story of the city through photo collage



Drawing and painting in Dijon


Final exhibition 

Partnership meeting in the Czech Republic

Fashion workshops








Graphic workshops






Drawing in Prague gardens




Drawing and painting in Lysa chateau gardens





Exhibition of project works






Bird view group photos - Prague, Dijon, Opole





Portraits of Prague- students work in the project


Prague architecture






Prague legends





Leaflets about Prague interesting places




Graphic works - illustrations for books of Prague writers Kafka, Čapek, Neruda 






  Project activities during the school year

Photographing Prague house signs and windows, visiting art galleries